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The most recent stable release is 0.G Gaiman. We recommend stable for the most bug-free experience possible. You can download it from the Releases Page.

Latest Experimental

Cataclysm: DDA is under constant development. As such, stable can lag behind with features. If you would like access to the bleeding edge of features and any bugs that may come along with them, you can download the latest experimental builds below.

MSVC builds (Windows only)

Builds tagged with -msvc are built with Microsoft Visual C++ compiler. If you are not developing or triaging a bug, the two build types should be equivalent and you can pick either.

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2023-09-27-1402

What’s Changed

  • 🧗‍♀️ Rebalance & expand climbing down with ropes, ladders, vehicles, downspouts & mutations by @EvanBalster in
  • Don’t Lose default background when chosing a profession by @Fris0uman in
  • Resurrect Wetsuit and diving gear rework by @GuardianDll in
  • [Xedra Evolved] Add more Arvore Paraclesian mutations by @Standing-Storm in
  • Wear Scarves Around Your Head by @detahramet in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2023-09-27-1402

Timestamp: 2023-09-27 14:03:00 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2023-09-27-1244

What’s Changed

  • Allow Simon to elaborate about his family by @MNG-cataclysm in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2023-09-27-1244

Timestamp: 2023-09-27 12:44:49 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2023-09-27-0259

What’s Changed

  • Underwater monsters don’t attack by passing through boats by @marimarigi in
  • Fix Cloak of Frog permanently frogging you by @Standing-Storm in
  • Implement Character::rest_quality() by @RenechCDDA in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2023-09-27-0259

Timestamp: 2023-09-27 02:59:47 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2023-09-27-0053

What’s Changed

  • Weekly Changelog 2023-09-18 to 2023-09-25 by @kevingranade in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2023-09-27-0053

Timestamp: 2023-09-27 00:53:25 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2023-09-26-1458

What’s Changed

  • XE Addiction snippets by @Maleclypse in
  • [Xedra Evolved] Allow more professions in the Once Bitten scenario by @Maleclypse in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2023-09-26-1458

Timestamp: 2023-09-26 14:59:11 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2023-09-26-1337

What’s Changed

  • Make eoc melee test stop failing for the wrong reason by @akrieger in
  • Halloween costumes set drops by @Termineitor244 in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2023-09-26-1337

Timestamp: 2023-09-26 13:37:26 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2023-09-26-1218

What’s Changed

  • Also add libflac-dev to matrix for cmake build by @akrieger in
  • [MoM] Fix Extended Stride being unlearnable by @Standing-Storm in
  • Add BIOLOGICALPROOF documentation by @Standing-Storm in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2023-09-26-1218

Timestamp: 2023-09-26 12:19:02 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2023-09-26-0449

What’s Changed

  • Add a new profession: Para-Amputee by @MNG-cataclysm in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2023-09-26-0449

Timestamp: 2023-09-26 04:49:20 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2023-09-26-0303

What’s Changed

  • Prevent Web Diver burying the player underground. by @EvanBalster in
  • Collect grappling hooks and stepladders from the ledge above. by @EvanBalster in
  • Add a second cracker to the tutorial by @Maleclypse in
  • Docs update by @GuardianDll in
  • Normal SD cards don’t give secret recipes by @RenechCDDA in
  • Misc doc updates by @RenechCDDA in
  • Fix visibility not updating properly when moving, peeking and autodriving by @Rewryte in
  • Fix clang-tidy workflow by installing ‘required’ libflac-dev by @akrieger in
  • Trader avoid by @detahramet in
  • Give the pipe some weapon techs by @Aerin-of-the-Toast in

New Contributors

  • @detahramet made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2023-09-26-0303

Timestamp: 2023-09-26 03:04:02 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2023-09-26-0151

What’s Changed

  • The scrap trader sells nuts and bolts by @RobertoRobot in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2023-09-26-0151

Timestamp: 2023-09-26 01:51:16 UTC