Latest Stable

The most recent stable release is 0.G Gaiman. We recommend stable for the most bug-free experience possible. You can download it from the Releases Page.

Latest Experimental

Cataclysm: DDA is under constant development. As such, stable can lag behind with features. If you would like access to the bleeding edge of features and any bugs that may come along with them, you can download the latest experimental builds below.

MSVC builds (Windows only)

Builds tagged with -msvc are built with Microsoft Visual C++ compiler. If you are not developing or triaging a bug, the two build types should be equivalent and you can pick either.

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2023-12-06-1831

What’s Changed

  • re-add pre-seeded hordes, make them unconditional, and show up even with wandering hordes disabled by @esotericist in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2023-12-06-1831

Timestamp: 2023-12-06 18:31:30 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2023-12-06-1732

What’s Changed

  • [MoM] Even Even More Powers by @Standing-Storm in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2023-12-06-1732

Timestamp: 2023-12-06 17:32:30 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2023-12-06-1642

What’s Changed

  • Fix Fn Fal missing variant by @tenmillimaster in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2023-12-06-1642

Timestamp: 2023-12-06 16:42:34 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2023-12-06-1516

What’s Changed

  • [Xedra Evolved] Fix deathray expanding in size as charge fills by @b3brodie in
  • [Xedra Evolved] Fix salamander Incandescent Artisan’s Alacrity trait by @Standing-Storm in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2023-12-06-1516

Timestamp: 2023-12-06 15:17:10 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2023-12-06-1420

What’s Changed

  • [Xedra Evolved] Fix deathray expanding in size as charge fills by @b3brodie in
  • [Xedra Evolved] Fix salamander Incandescent Artisan’s Alacrity trait by @Standing-Storm in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2023-12-06-1420

Timestamp: 2023-12-06 14:20:34 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2023-12-06-0430

What’s Changed

  • .380 auto ballistics by the inch by @tenmillimaster in
  • Add ak bayonets (as a variant) by @tenmillimaster in
  • [MoM] More powers by @Standing-Storm in
  • [MoM] Add Project PHAVIAN Teleporter research areas by @Standing-Storm in
  • Vitamin Value fix for EOCs #67104 by @Maleclypse in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2023-12-06-0430

Timestamp: 2023-12-06 04:30:50 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2023-12-06-0326

What’s Changed

  • [MoM] properly teach Electrokinetic contemplation recipes on Portal Storm awakening by @Terrorforge in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2023-12-06-0326

Timestamp: 2023-12-06 03:26:56 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2023-12-06-0144

What’s Changed

  • [MoM] fix Voltaic Strikes by @Terrorforge in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2023-12-06-0144

Timestamp: 2023-12-06 01:44:44 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2023-12-06-0038

What’s Changed

  • Fix practice requirements for the lucerne hammer by @MNG-cataclysm in
  • [MoM] fix Electron Overflow by @Terrorforge in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2023-12-06-0038

Timestamp: 2023-12-06 00:39:13 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2023-12-05-2340

What’s Changed

  • Parameterize new overmap changes and adjust forests in the process by @I-am-Erk in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2023-12-05-2340

Timestamp: 2023-12-05 23:41:08 UTC