Latest Stable

The most recent stable release is 0.F-3 Frank-3. We recommend stable for the most bug-free experience possible. You can download it from the Releases Page.

Latest Experimental

Cataclysm: DDA is under constant development. As such, stable can lag behind with features. If you would like access to the bleeding edge of features and any bugs that may come along with them, you can download the latest experimental builds below:

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2022-11-28-0706

What’s Changed

  • convert add_spawn to place_spawns in mx_city_trap by @nornagon in
  • Rename Dino Dave Cardboard Box Mission by @geskeca in
  • [BN Port] Fix automatic sprite rotation for non-linear overmap tiles by @Maleclypse in
  • convert add_spawn to place_spawns in mx_shia and mx_jabberwock by @nornagon in
  • Auto-deactivate Joint Servo bionic if there’s no power to run it by @Night-Pryanik in
  • Receiving items from talker characters if avatar has no free space to store them no longer crashes the game by @Night-Pryanik in
  • inv_ui: fix accumulated minor issues by @andrei8l in

New Contributors

  • @geskeca made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2022-11-28-0706

Timestamp: 2022-11-28 07:06:48 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2022-11-28-0550

What’s Changed

  • fix a couple typos by @casswedson in
  • Added ERASE_ALL_BEFORE_PLACING_TERRAIN flag to toxic_waste_fence_radioactive nested mapgen by @Night-Pryanik in
  • Farm mutable: map extras and field looks_like by @LovamKicsiGazsii in
  • Move avatar::daily_calories implementation from header to avatar.cpp by @BrettDong in
  • convert add_spawn to place_spawns in mx_house_wasp by @nornagon in
  • convert add_spawn to place_spawns in mx_helicopter by @nornagon in
  • TropiCata: Reptile Menagerie by @Xaritscin in
  • #61451 - rebalance methanol from planks by @jim-huynh in
  • Add the feral burner by @MNG-cataclysm in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2022-11-28-0550

Timestamp: 2022-11-28 05:50:25 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2022-11-28-0449

What’s Changed

  • Routine tileset updates on 27 November 2022 by @kevingranade in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2022-11-28-0449

Timestamp: 2022-11-28 04:49:51 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2022-11-27-1427

What’s Changed

  • chore: typo hunting ft. codespell by @casswedson in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2022-11-27-1427

Timestamp: 2022-11-27 14:28:12 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2022-11-27-0118

What’s Changed

  • Fix Clang 12 on Ubuntu build failures on GitHub Actions by @BrettDong in
  • Remove q_staff_plus_one from known_bad_density.json by @mqrause in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2022-11-27-0118

Timestamp: 2022-11-27 01:19:10 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2022-11-26-1949

What’s Changed

  • mapgen: remove npc from moninfo cache too by @andrei8l in
  • mapgen: skip player auto features when updating map by @andrei8l in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2022-11-26-1949

Timestamp: 2022-11-26 19:49:27 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2022-11-26-1819

What’s Changed

  • Pin mac_alias to 2.2.0 to fix dmgbuild by @akrieger in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2022-11-26-1819

Timestamp: 2022-11-26 18:19:53 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2022-11-26-0612

What’s Changed

  • Routine i18n updates on 26 November 2022 by @kevingranade in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2022-11-26-0612

Timestamp: 2022-11-26 06:12:26 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2022-11-26-0104

What’s Changed

  • Fixes for temperature regulation by @bombasticSlacks in
  • Fix nuclear plant stairs by @8street in
  • Bugfix/vacuum seal recipes by @cathalpern in
  • [Generic Guns] obsolete longrifle_flintlock recipe by @mqrause in
  • Tiny terminal punctuation fix for trampling by @NetSysFire in

New Contributors

  • @cathalpern made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2022-11-26-0104

Timestamp: 2022-11-26 01:04:20 UTC

Cataclysm-DDA experimental build 2022-11-26-0003

What’s Changed

  • Metal lamellar armor, part 1, the sheetening by @Aerin-of-the-Toast in

Full Changelog:…cdda-experimental-2022-11-26-0003

Timestamp: 2022-11-26 00:03:37 UTC