Latest Stable

The most recent stable release is 0.G Gaiman. We recommend stable for the most bug-free experience possible. You can download it from the links below. Note: downloads with ‘Curses’ in the name include a version that can be played in the console and has purely text-based display. Downloads with ‘Tiles’ in the name includes a version of the game that has sprite-based graphics. It can also be downloaded from many package repositories.

Latest Experimental

Cataclysm: DDA is under constant development. As such, stable can lag behind with features. If you would like access to the bleeding edge of features and any bugs that may come along with them, you can download the latest experimental builds.

0.G Gaiman

We are proud to announce that 0.G “Gaiman” stable release has arrived! Two years have passed since the release of the stable version 0.F “Frank”, two years of unprecedented turmoil in the real world that delayed our planned release of the next stable. These two years have seen many IRL job changes among the dev team, new contributors to CleverRaven, and a couple of babies joining members’ families. The 0.G release is more than double the size of the 0.F release, a distinction that we keep trying and failing to avoid. Even more than previous stable versions, this release features a massive range of bugfixes, code and content additions, and new features. 10,293 new game entities were added, 11,643,312 lines of source code were inserted, and 5,022,361 lines were deleted. This included several new language translations, multiple new tilesets; including some isometric tileset demos, and multiple new mods in addition to base game content and features.

This cycle was started, tilting at our perennial windmill of a six to nine month release cycle. Shortly thereafter, Covid locked down the world but not contributions to DDA! There are many incredible changes that have entered the game and several ancient issues that have been closed. The skill system has been greatly expanded with many new proficiencies and many new ways to learn them, as well as the groundwork for practice-based skill improvement, including a skill rust system that doesn’t suck because it caps effective skill loss and regenerates faster than regular skill gain. Appliance based stationary power grids now exist. Turning vehicles now present complete walls that block out monsters, fields and more from crossing from the outside to the inside of the vehicle. Map memory is now unlimited, so you will no longer forget places you haven’t been to recently. Cardio has finally been modeled so that your endurance will increase if you spend your days running and working hard or exercising. Perspiration is now modeled, your character running around the middle of summer in full plate mail won’t immediately overheat. Now your character will perspire and thirst will increase until you are dehydrated at which point overheating will begin. Hydrate yourselves accordingly!

In addition to the above issue/request resolving features above, there are a number of new features that haven’t necessarily been on the roadmap for a long time but came to fruition during this experimental cycle. The amount of UI based contributions has gone through the roof this cycle and created tons of options around how your fully customizable sidebar looks, the color theme for your UI is also fully customizable with multiple shipped options, along with updates and improvements to action explanations, tutorials and the github process itself, which while not visible to people who only play the game makes a huge difference in the quality and amount of contributions added to Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. You can now passively purify water by boiling it by placing it in a fireproof container on a fire or near an extreme heat source. A new hobby tab in character creation allows you to choose traits and skills that go together that represent how you spent your time before the end of the world. Monster weak points now exist, allowing your strikes to critically hit. You can learn proficiencies that will increase your likelihood to critically hit these weak points by researching and dissecting monsters. Speaking of monsters, we’ve adjusted the aggression system so that some more intelligent monsters will recognize whether they were attacked by another monster or the player and will remain passive or gain hostility depending on who harmed them. A lone zombie will no longer turn a pack of wild dogs permanently hostile to you. Finally, Effect on Condition brings a scripting pseudo language to Cataclysm. Some of its key uses in 0.G have been the introduction of portal storms, NPC faction development over time, the ability to take over a follower after pc death, and random encounters in already explored maps.

During this time modders have added a half dozen new in repo mods: Innawoods for the survival from scratch you crave, Backrooms which takes place in the neverending backrooms dimension, Massachusetts mod for people who desire geographic accuracy, Xedra Evolved a science fantasy mod with weird magic and vampirism, Tropicataclysm for your Cataclysm at a warmer latitude, and the Megafauna mod which targets an ancient epoch with creatures that outsize our modern equivalents, similar to Dinomod. In addition to this Magiclysm, Dinomod, and Aftershock have received dozens of new PRs each to a scale that would be equal to or larger than paid DLC for a AAA game.

We, the DDA team, have had a great time creating new content and worlds to explore and we hope that you enjoy them and if a mood takes you, that you join us in creating more in the future. Thank you and a significantly larger, but still incomplete changelog can be found at

0.F-3 Frank-3

Point release Frank-3 includes following features and bugfixes backported to original Frank release:

  • #50360 Handle window events during long operations
  • #47253 Unlimited map memory
  • #49906 Return an invalid mm_submap if the map_memory is not prepared
  • #49772 Autodrive v2
  • #50637 Offroad autodrive
  • #50695 Overmap path fixes
  • #50670 Make autowalk more like autodrive
  • #50803 Render one frame per turn during autodrive
  • #50835 Improved overmap pathfinding in 3D
  • #51312 Update 0.F translations
  • #51742 Update 0.F translations
  • #53037 Update 0.F translations
  • #49828 Fix health test
  • #50021 Translate monster death function messages
  • #50760 Fix for WEBWALK flag
  • #50834 Added fruit as a material in fruit wine
  • #50881 Silence warnings reported from inside SDL header
  • #50933 Fix siphon from and fill to the same tank
  • #51086 In crafting every tool is displayed only once
  • #51096 Prevent inserting an item with NO_UNWIELD into a container
  • #51100 Fix clerical errors about Demihuman
  • #51124 Street facing churches
  • #51129 Fix infinitely falling vehicle
  • #51131 Adds missing knives to the Krav Maga list
  • #51136 Fix spammy warning in string_formatter.h when using clang on Windows
  • #51199 Fix horde indicators showing in elements outside of sidebar overmap
  • #51205 A few microoptimizations
  • #51220 Ice cream is edible frozen
  • #51226 Fix choppy vehicle animation
  • #51227 Fix: inedible MELTS while FROZEN (milkshake)
  • #51250 Capping shakes duration to prevent month-long shakes after withdrawal is gone
  • #51257 Allow multitile sprites to be animated
  • #51262 Fix sealed containers being targets for pickup actions
  • #51275 Iridescent cats now visible at night
  • #51282 Invalidate weight carried cache
  • #51287 Animated background
  • #51295 Limit zombie_fuse, other size change to within tiny-huge
  • #51319 Fixed Filter Paper Always Hitting
  • #51362 Add DESTROYS, PUSH_MON to albertosaurus
  • #51381 Fix NC_JUNK_SHOPKEEP item list
  • #51385 Fix bug when grabbing a vehicle
  • #51406 Make Gozu and Amigara yield demihuman meat
  • #51407 Workaround for heavy slowdown caused by eager evaluation of debug message strings
  • #51411 Adjust cannibal trait cost
  • #51439 Display name of loaded ammo instead of ammo type
  • #51441 If want successful test output, include messages
  • #51447 Change item list highlight color to white
  • #51458 Add the “mayfail” flag to the fire spreading test
  • #51460 Actually throttle monster thinking
  • #51498 Make paper soft so it will fit in small pockets
  • #51519 Fix poppies unharvestable in Dark Skies mod
  • #51524 Fix eating demihuman not affecting morale
  • #51529 Make monster::power_rating() use is_ranged_attacker()
  • #51580 Fix stair navigation
  • #51710 Reset whitelist flag on scenario blacklist reset
  • #51711 Reset scenarios unconditionally
  • #51754 Fix: Force stereo when opening audio device
  • #51911 Don’t allow swapping places with NPC while grabbing something
  • #52010 Fix insect flesh vitamins
  • #52063 Fix NPCs cannot climb chickenwire fences but players can
  • #52133 Verify font can be rendered successfully at runtime
  • #52197 Fix crash when getting related recipes with no components and results for current recipe
  • #52243 Add missing translation in aiming UI
  • #52247 Fix compile errors on LLVM/Clang 13
  • #52257 Fragile television
  • #52289 Add omitted translation calls
  • #52356 Add more missing translations
  • #52413 Fix tabbing in character creation saving info
  • #52580 Fix an untranslated message in ATM deposit menu
  • #52612 Fix more untranslated messages
  • #52656 Fix compile error on LLVM/Clang 13
  • #52847 Remove duplicate ATM spawn from movie theater palette
  • #53019 Fix pathfinding hash functions for 32-bit systems
  • #53056 backporting tilesets from I-am-Erk/CDDA-Tilesets to 0.F

Two major features were backported - unlimited map memory and autodrive v2.

There is also significant update of translations:

  • Japanese [100% translated] (+172 lines);
  • Russian [100% translated] (+297 lines);
  • Simplified Chinese [100% translated] (+191 lines);
  • Spanish (Argentina) [100% translated] (+180 lines);
  • Spanish (Spain) [100% translated] (+185 lines);
  • Polish (+7,475 lines) - most noticeable progress (up from 53% translated in 0.F-2 to 82% translated in 0.F-3);
  • Hungarian (+4,084 lines);
  • Italian (Italy) (+2,190 lines);
  • Traditional Chinese (+1,020 lines);
  • Czech (+952 lines);

And there are also some minor updates in translations to Indonesian, German, Ukrainian (Ukraine), French, Portuguese (Brazil), Danish, Dutch, Icelandic, Korean, Norwegian and Turkish.

Tilesets were also updated to latest available versions.

See differences between current point release and original release here -…0.F-3

See differences between current point release and previous point release here -…0.F-3

0.F-2 Frank-2

Point release Frank-2 includes following bugfixes backported to original Frank release:

  • #50877 Catch SecurityException in SDL getSerialNumber
  • #50452 Fix dropping worn items from AIM
  • #50814 Prevent endless loop during butchering
  • #51035 Resolve a bug in partial stack dropping/using and unify ui behaviour
  • #51147 Fix crash resulting from NPC activity migration (loading 0.F saves)

See differences between current point release and original release here -…0.F-2

See differences between current point release and previous point release here -…0.F-2

0.F-1 Frank-1

Point release Frank-1 includes following bugfixes backported to original Frank release:

  • #49538 Fix welding requirement on some recipes
  • #50534 Fix overmap NPC names showing for NPCs out of range
  • #50173 Fix manually assigned item letter being removed on unwield
  • #49396 Fix classic zombies map extras chance values which could cause debugmsg
  • #49537 Fix incorrect conditional name of smoked wasteland sausage
  • #49543 Only apply disabled effect for main bodyparts
  • #48607 Mapgen road connections improved in the absence of overmap cities
  • #49211 Add lesser magic items to pawn and hunting itemgroups
  • #49565 Add version to debugmsg
  • #49568 Add back legacy wheel definitions
  • #48882 Fix magiclysm 1L V-Twin Engine has infinite fuel
  • #49589 Migrate legacy wheels and fix memory corruption in vehicle deserialization
  • #49401 Chitin Leg Guards and Tails
  • #49631 Add the missing door in private resort
  • #49597 Allow a region overlay to set all weights to zero
  • #49715 Update monster_attacks.json
  • #49628 Update keg description to no longer errorneously suggest they can be used for fermenting
  • #49741 Fix:Ninjutsu martial art does incorrect damage due to multiplicative …
  • #49690 Fix typo in stone.json
  • #49421 Change time to install oars from 60 m to 60 s
  • #49599 Prophylactic antivenom pills rename
  • #49622 Make Tallon Mutation allow fingerless gloves
  • #49577 Fix orc village’s name
  • #45787 Lowered encumbrance and tweaked belts
  • #49559 Add belt clip ability to webbing belt
  • #49534 Made Tea batch crafting mod equal to boiling plain water
  • #49513 Fix Cut Logs faction camp mission difficulty disp.
  • #49318 Ignore pocket settings when manually inserting stackable items
  • #49550 Colt Delta Damage
  • #49734 Reduce solder in electronics control unit from 150 to 40
  • #49303 Adjust Burrowing mutation’s description/effects
  • #48637 Fix fur/scales loop in Chimera
  • #49596 Roof and general improvements for orchard_apple
  • #48827 Replace MREs with itemgroups
  • #49512 Reworked brewing, now with merge conflicts resolved
  • #48960 Fix various meaty comestibles’ vitamin values
  • #49760 Improve error message re armor portions
  • #49380 10mm adheres to
  • #49109 fix feints and lightly clean up some miss recovery and grab break code;
  • #47986 Populated Bone Skewers into recipes, made Skewers millable
  • #49762 Change recipe sort to difficulty, name, crafting time
  • #49279 Remove additional spawns from Wander Hordes
  • #45584 Balance tactical helmets
  • #49759 Fix CBM install data retrieval when installing CBM on NPC
  • #49778 Force place_special_forced to place special in forced mode
  • #49799 Fix healthy rounding bug
  • #49758 Make cooking oil unhealthy
  • #49794 Move workshop toolbox recipe to containers tab
  • #49751 Correct monster_size_capacity to creature_size_capacity
  • #48651 [Magiclysm] Can’t cast if Stunned
  • #48078 [Magiclysm] Add mutations to manatouched
  • #49844 Correct the plural name of ‘mana infused blood’
  • #48746 [Magiclysm] Leprechaun adjustments
  • #49217 [Magiclysm] More magical loot in wizard towers
  • #49729 Sword cane should fit in the hollow cane
  • #49764 Reordered magazine type for M17/M18
  • #49613 Changed time and energy to create a washboard.
  • #49871 Makes flammable arrow components reflect the damage.
  • #49883 Increased volume and length of western holster to accommodate other revolvers (#48532)
  • #49861 fix meatarian/vegetarian text
  • #49805 Fix weight of wild yeast
  • #49904 Fix weapons dropping without message on reload
  • #49934 Allow MISSION_FREE_MERCHANTS_HUB_DELIVERY_1 to complete after player has already met HUB-01
  • #49946 Remove TRADER_AVOID flag from mre containers
  • #49931 Hide vehicle UI when pouring on the ground
  • #49962 fixed reload times of guns
  • #49442 Change Hobo Stove to deployable furniture
  • #49997 Use positional arguments for ‘It should take %d minutes to finish washing items in the %s.’
  • #50003 Chainlink fence posts now require pipe fittings to build
  • #48662 When telling NPCs to read something, include all columns in the ‘choose a book’ popup
  • #50032 Changed Humvee jerrycans to use JP8 fuel (#50008)
  • #49995 Fix ammo capitalization
  • #49919 [Dinomod] Duplicate entry caused CTD
  • #49879 Dogs zombify
  • #49957 Improve chance to find hidden lab in MISSION_SCIENCE_REP_3
  • #48930 Butchering use best tool in crafting radius
  • #49377 Prevent overmap mongroups from spawning on top of faction bases
  • #50043 Hatchets aren’t melee durable
  • #49949 Prevent UB passing 0 to LIGHT_RANGE
  • #50044 Change stone chopper requirement from fab (3) to fab (2) to resolve crafting bottleneck.
  • #50061 Changed morphine description to naturally occurring drug (#48710)
  • #50053 Require hemostatic powder to require powdered chitin only.
  • #50006 vehicles: helicopters do not have 100% load in idle()
  • #50086 Update cordage and cordage ropes crafting time.
  • #50096 Added batch cook times to Granola and Cookies (#50089)
  • #50046 Recompute overmap::safe_at_worldgen during unserialize()
  • #50114 Fix disappearance of CRIT vest on activation
  • #48462 Colorize spells in spellbooks
  • #47257 Stand up peek
  • #48794 Ability to configure user-defined map extra symbols
  • #50074 Check skill requirements for vehicle most_repairable_part
  • #50165 Added condom to item restriction on travel wallet (#49932)
  • #50182 Fix wind not updating
  • #50134 Modified mass ratio of sheep wool on harvest to give similar to shearing returns (#48962)
  • #50180 Fix multitile variations
  • #50132 Fix armor pen from martial arts buffs not working
  • #49595 Target to Mac OS X 10.12+ in release build workflow
  • #49593 Raise the proportional AP value of handloaded 5.7mm
  • #50107 [Aftershock] Increase volume/weight of lichen, fix processing not neutralizing toxins
  • #50170 Add permeable flag to appropriate windows
  • #50243 Add Boxing to Self-Defense Classes
  • #49769 Remove CROWS turrets from irradiator overmap special
  • #50184 [DinoMod] wilderness spawn counts and fixes
  • #50230 Bondage mask layer mismatch
  • #50272 Display kicking monster name
  • #50222 Fix layer ordering of demon skin
  • #50216 ASCII tileset QoL changes
  • #49953 Serialize moves_total
  • #48864 Don’t add magazines to all guns, don’t show ‘(empty)’ on unreloadable guns.
  • #50100 Fix resuming mass disassembly not working
  • #50403 fix strong stomach granting nausea immunity
  • #50172 Reduce River weight to under 1k
  • #50251 Fix NPC claiming to eat FROZEN food without EDIBLE_FROZEN flag
  • #50381 Prevent stacking AIM windows when moving NO_UNWIELD flagged items
  • #50401 Change armored car to use JP8 (#50252)
  • #50309 Added barred window with no glass (#48453)
  • #50174 Modified stained glass description to reflect the fact it is a wall with a high window, changed all external walls to stone walls for cathedral (#49440)
  • #50353 Fixed safe spawning on top of shrub in one of the houses
  • #50416 set number to 1 if no charges
  • #50240 Fix inconsistencies on all sleeveless dusters
  • #50371 Update Crowbars with DURABLE_MELEE
  • #50443 [DinoMod] dinos don’t hear great
  • #50000 Bugfixes ‘Port fix for ‘phantom fuel’ from Cataclysm-BN’
  • #50460 Modified the Batwing Zombie Description (#50383)
  • #50536 Fishing spears can be stored in spear strap
  • #50543 Avoid division-by-zero in lerped_multiplier
  • #50525 Fixes crash during save due to invalid ammo_location
  • #50508 Balance ‘Rebar cage breaks into concrete floor, not pit’
  • #50471 Atomic headlamp should not have DURABLE_MELEE
  • #50556 Make ironshod quarterstaff looks like quarterstaff
  • #50555 Add missing dot and the end of the sencence
  • #50487 Audit lawn mower length
  • #50448 Prevent display of martial arts traits as traits
  • #50550 Avoid placing hospitals in the woods during MISSION_SCIENCE_REP_1
  • #50564 cmake: don’t use PREFIX variable
  • #50562 cmake: install core and help directories
  • #50528 random cosmetic traits respect scenario (#50224)
  • #50385 Spawn correct underwear for female True Foodperson
  • #50494 Fix the mission ‘Visit the Isherwoods’ that was impossible to complete
  • #50478 Clarify the mission descriptions in the pizzaiolo quest line
  • #50588 Fix the wooden privacy gate name
  • #50581 cmake: set RELEASE variable to generate install target
  • #50546 Avoid crashing when the player’s gun is destroyed while firing.
  • #50607 Fixed density of legume products
  • #50598 Camp NPCs will refuse to eat inedible animal food
  • #50602 Add a crafting recipe for skirts
  • #50601 Fix Bathroom scale symbol
  • #50620 iwyu cuboid_rectangle.h
  • #50616 Add repairs_like to runner pack
  • #50618 Billous Soldier Zombie acid-attack description fix
  • #50610 Fix duplicate unitfont.ttf in config/fonts.json
  • #50609 Disable Terminus.ttf on Mac
  • #50606 Backport BN’s MSVC sound fix
  • #50547 Do not remove vehicle label when canceling input
  • #50646 Recolor the blackjack oak
  • #50577 Fixed unpack leaving containers invalid

See differences between current point release and original release here -…0.F-1

0.F Frank

After a long and anticlimactic buildup, we are pleased to announce the release of stable version 0.F “Frank” of Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead! Like our previous stable versions, this release features an expansive range of bugfixes, code and content additions, and new features. 4,500 new game entities were added, 123,162 lines of source code were inserted, and 77,727 lines were deleted.

The goal was to have a smaller and more manageable release this cycle, which was an utter failure, as it took well over a year and by several measures was even larger than the 0.E cycle.

We’d overall characterize 0.F as a release with a lot of content and polish. Compared to 0.E, you may find it a little more difficult (the pendulum swings ever back and forth), but we think also more rewarding. The most obvious feature of 0.F is the addition of nested inventory, the ability to store items in containers and have them behave as you’d expect. This is probably the most long awaited and highly requested feature of the past five years of development. Besides pockets, 0.F features the addition of achievements for fun and bragging rights, a proficiency system to represent more refined skill knowledge, blood loss mechanics for you and your enemies, weariness that builds as you push yourself to your limits, vehicles that can drive up and down z-levels (and bridges that are above rivers, enabling more navigable rivers, as a result), and a vast host of new content from new monsters and evolutions to new quests and items. On the mod side, Magiclysm, Aftershock, and Dinomod have all grown expansively, including new artifact and enchantment systems that have impacted content in the main game. And much more, too much to list here.

Players coming from the last stable will notice a switch towards encouraging looting over crafting, especially in the early game, and will have to be cautious about overextending themselves in the beginning of their survival effort. As usual, you’ll want to avoid getting into combat with multiple zombies in an open area. However, you can also have ‘grab bags’ of useful gear and tools, allowing you to toss your loot sack to the floor to engage in an unencumbered melee battle with zombies! All in all, as usual, we’re deeply excited about this new version, and look forward to continuing to make your survival difficult in the months to come.


  • Nested Containers rationalize inventory management and enable dropping and retrieving go-bags during fights.
  • Achievements track your deeds and misdeeds across games.
  • Proficiencies better represent deeper knowledge required for various endeavors, mostly crafting.
  • Bleeding added to both the player and monsters as the first step toward a more comprehensive wound and wound treatment system.
  • Weariness tracking added to represent longer-term physical exhaustion.
  • Elevated bridges over navigable rivers added, allowing better navigability while using boats.
  • Large-scale audit of weapon and armor values for better representativeness and consistency.
  • Improved armor handling by separating ballistic damage into its own damage type.
  • Pervasive performance enhancements throughout the game.
  • Tileset vehicle support for more cohesive vehicle rendering.
  • Aftershock changes direction to a total conversion mod with a new far-future setting on a frozen world.
  • Dinomod added 238 dinosaurs, pterosaurs, mosasaurs, and dino-related NPCs with missions and dino locations.
  • Added many dino features, including zombie, fungal, evolved, bionic, baby, and mutant dino variants.
  • Dinomod added many dino interactions, including farming, riding, butchering, cooking, and special attacks.
  • Magiclysm added a huge content update including many new traits called Attunements that switch up gameplay at the endgame.

For a larger, but still incomplete listing of features, see

Point releases:

0.E-3 Ellison-3

Point release Ellison-3 includes following important bugfixes to original Ellison release:

  • fixed compilation under clang;
  • fixes for several errors and crashes;
  • fixed hardware keyboard issue in Android builds.

See differences between current point release and original release here -…0.E-3

0.E-2 Ellison-2

Point release Ellison-2 includes following important bugfixes to original Ellison release:

  • fixed virtual keyboard issue in Android builds.

See differences between current point release and original release here -…0.E-2

0.E-1 Ellison-1

Point release Ellison-1 includes following important bugfixes to original Ellison release:

  • fixes for several errors and crashes;
  • savegame migration for obsolete items, recipes and overmap terrains;
  • enhanced Android builds.

See differences between current point release and original release here -…0.E-1

0.E Ellison

The Ellison release adds a huge number of features and content that make the world feel more alive. From being able to climb onto building rooftops or hide behind cars, to building a camp for your followers in the wilderness, to exploring the new river and lake systems on a boat or raft, everything is more immersive and consistent. Also more STUFF. I didn’t think we would ever double the number of game entities with a release again, but we did.

We aimed at a 6 month release cycle, and ended up spending 9 months adding features at a breakneck pace and 3 months putting the brakes on and stabilizing. I can’t honestly say that’s a huge disappointment, though toward the end the rest of the development team was really chomping at the bit to get back to feature work, so we’ll need to continue to adjust.

We built a huge amount of infrastructure for having the game check its own consistency, which has and is going to continue to contribute to the amazing pace of feature and content additions we are experiencing. The development team is also larger and at the same time more cohesive than it has ever been before.

Explore all the new features with the attached release archives. Speaking of exploring, the list of available tilesets has shuffled a bit, so this is a great time to find your new favorite.

  • Long distance automove feature for walking, driving and boating.
  • Extensive bugfixes to inter-level interactivity, on by default.
  • Riding animals and animal-pulled vehicles.
  • More flexible Basecamp construction options.
  • Default starting date changed to mid-spring for better survivability.
  • Time advancement is rationalized, a turn is now one second.
  • Extensive river and lake systems, and boat support for navigating them.
  • Expanded NPC usefulness and interactivity.
  • Massive increases in location variety and consistency, especially rooftops.
  • Expansion of mi-go faction with new enemies and locations.
  • Batteries now store charge instead of being pseudo-items.
  • Overhaul and rebalance of martial arts.
  • Zombie grabbing and biting more manageable and predictable.
  • Overhauled stamina and damage recovery for grittier gameplay.
  • Crouching movement mode allows hiding.
  • Magiclysm and Aftershock mods have first class support within the game.

Finally, see the changelog for the more complete (but still not comprehensive) listing of new features and contents -

Point releases:

0.D Danny

The Danny release is characterized by MORE. More UI polish, more features, more content, more long-asked-for changes. It’s the longest-lived and largest in every way release we’ve ever done, and we hope to never do it again. Future releases are planned for roughly 6-month intervals. This release is made up of 37,604 commits authored by over 700 contributors, and it roughly doubled the number of everything in the game, items, monsters, map buildings, you name it, we doubled it.

It’s honestly way too huge to summarize in any meaningful way, but here are the absolute biggest changes, and you’ll just have to dig into the changelog or the game itself for more detail.

  • Many quality of life enhancements such as auto-pulp, autopickup, batch actions, interacting with adjacent items and improved long-action handling.
  • Pixel minimap for tiles mode.
  • Guns accept magazines when appropriate.
  • Player stamina stat that is burned by running and other physical exertion.
  • Player faction base that allows incremental growth and autonomous work by NPCs.
  • The player remembers terrain and furniture they have seen.
  • Carrying racks for small vehicles.
  • Vehicle system (speed, fuel consumption, terrain effects) overhaul.
  • Overhauled nutrition, food spoilage and food state changes (freezing).
  • Overhauled bomb fragment handling.
  • NPC dialogue support, group commands, tactical instructions and backstories.
  • Dynamic Lighting.
  • Roughly DOUBLED the amount of in-game content.
  • Unheard-of levels of bugfixing.
  • Full translations for Chinese, German, Japanese, Polish and Russian.

0.C Cooper

The Cooper release is named in honor of the new monster infighting system. Now you can sit back and watch as your enemies tear each other to pieces! Don’t get too close though, they’re still out for your blood.

  • This release also brings the long-requested DeathCam system, which lets you see the aftermath of the glorious fireball or atrocious train wreck that was your demise.
  • Gun users will notice a new aiming menu: you can now spend time to steady your aim. Do you take the shot now, or wait until the zombie gets a little closer?
  • Tailoring-oriented survivors (and who isn’t?) will note the new tailor’s kit item, which lets you add insulation or protective patches to your clothes.
  • Survivors with gigantic death-mobiles may appreciate the new turret options, including being able to enable/disable individual turrets, and being able to fire some turrets manually.
  • Finally, for survivors with, shall we say, “well-stocked” bases, there are massive improvements to performance when there are many thousands of items nearby.

0.B Brin

The Brin release is named in honor of significant improvements to PC/NPC relations.

This release, containing over 9,000 commits (@kevingranade counted) brings an unheard-of amount of new features and content, most of which wants you dead.

Start your adventure in a wide variety of different locations, with a selection of different starting scenarios, now with unique character traits. Explore new locations, some of which are ridiculously big (did somebody say ‘mall’?), and some of which have inhabitants that don’t want to eat you for a change. Vehicles have gotten some love, and now form a basis for an electrical network should you desire to build one. If you’ve ever wanted to strap a C4 pack onto an RC car and drive it under a Zombie Hulk, you got your chance.

0.A Kaufman

The Kaufman is named in honor of a huge expansion to Cataclysm’s mutation system. The release, our largest yet also brings innumerable bugfixes, performance enhancements, new items, a long-awaited module manager, new monsters, fullscreen mode, better mouse support, new map tiles and an unheard-of level of stability.

0.9 Ma

The Ma release is characterized by polish and preparedness. We’ve put more effort into stabilizing Cataclysm than in any previous release, and taken the time to support saves from 0.8. There’s loads of new content - items ranging from survivor suits to RPG-7s, new mutations and new vehicles, loads of recipes including the ability to smith your own tools from scratch, and a few new enemies to round it out.

0.8 Romero

In honor of improved graphics (tile support) and the ability to generate a game with huge cities full of egregious numbers of zombies, Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead version 0.8 is titled “Romero”. This release also comes with complete or near-complete Russian and Chinese translations, a player memorial file, save compatibility moving forward, and probably the most frequently requested feature of the game, shopping carts.

0.7.1 Lindqvist

This is a bugfix release to 0.7, see changelog for details.

The Lindqvist release is dominated by substantial support for i18n. Large swaths of the text strings are gettext annotated and ready for translation. Also this release brings unicode support for text messages, though unicode map rendering is still in progress. Other major new features include a plethora of new advanced bionics, an item autopickup feature, and moddable item spawn lists. See the changelog for the other awesome new features and bugfixes.

0.7 Lindqvist

The Lindqvist release is dominated by substantial support for i18n. Large swaths of the text strings are gettext annotated and ready for translation. Also this release brings unicode support for text messages, though unicode map rendering is still in progress. Other major new features include a plethora of new advanced bionics, an item autopickup feature, and moddable item spawn lists. See the changelog for the other awesome new features and bugfixes.